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b. The area(s) that will be protected, the classification of the area(s) and the
type of system protecting these area(s)
c. The design density, demand area and hose stream allowance to be specified
for each different area
d. The method for connecting the sprinkler system to the fire alarm system, as
well as the method of zoning the systems and a description of any power
disconnects, pre-alarms, etc. that will be required
e. Hydraulic calculations showing that the water supply is adequate for the
suppression systems and hose stream demand. For hydraulic calculations,
deduct the hose stream requirement at the point of connection to the
existing distribution systems or the closest fire hydrant, whichever is closer
to the sprinkler riser. If these demands cannot be met, the A/E shall
provide the proper solutions to the problem of an insufficient water supply
(e.g., fire pump(s), and/or water storage tank(s), etc.). Provide hydraulic
sprinkler calculations, as required in NFPA 13, of the expected demand
area(s) to reflect the system demand; the calculations approximating the
demand and pressure requirements are not acceptable.
8. Sketches where appropriate (e.g., water distribution system, sprinkler demand
areas, show hydraulic reference points for the hydraulic sprinkler calculations,
exiting information, travel distance, common path of travel, etc.).
9. Informations on all existing fire detection and suppression systems for existing
buildings (i.e., type of systems; area of coverage; make and model of all
equipment). For fire alarm systems, provide the following information (at a
minimum): number of spare zones and spare spaces for modules, capacity of
control panel(s), list of existing fire alarm zones, list of outputs, number of
audio/visual circuits, standby battery capacity, indicate the working order of
each system, etc.
10. Provide any relevant information pertaining to special hazards and how they
are protected, special fire protection systems, R-F Shielded Rooms, Computer
Rooms requiring special fire protection considerations, i.e., Shunting of power,

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