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the stakeholders and will allow the procurement of a Design/Build Contract with the Construction Contractor
and their A/E #2.
Design Review Comments (DRC) Program: A computer based software program for the input and
management of and response to design review comments. All project comments and responses will be made
using the DRC Program, so that the database created for each project can then be readily sorted for ease of
review and coordination. Electronic transmission of DRC project data may be accomplished by using e-mail via
the Internet or the EFA CHES Bulletin Board System (BBS).
DOD: Department of Defense.
ECIP: Energy Conservation Investment Program.
Engineering Field Activity Chesapeake (EFA CHES): An Engineering Field Activity (EFA), under the
Atlantic Division, within the Naval Facilities Engineering Command. Within EFA CHES are various divisions,
branches, sections, etc., identified by code numbers; see organization chart. See also our homepage at for more information.
Engineer-in-Charge (EIC): See Architect-in-Charge
Government: The Federal Government, including the Armed Forces.
Guide Specification: A criteria document, describing in a standardized format, the scope and content of project
specifications for a specific product, group of products or for a construction procedure. A guide specification is
a manuscript designed to be edited to suit the needs of a particular project, eventually becoming a section within
the project specifications. Guide specifications are never to be referenced in the project specifications, since until
edited, they do not provide needed direction.
Military Handbook (MIL-HDBK): A criteria document, limited in scope to a particular discipline of
architecture or engineering or a special class of facility. A military handbook contains those standards that define
the scope, technical requirements, safety features and attributes required by the Navy and by applicable laws,
rules and regulations. As design manuals are updated, they are being converted into military handbooks.
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC): The design and construction agency for the Department
of Navy, including the Marine Corps, and other designated Government agencies. See also the NAVFAC
homepage at for more information.
Navy Technical Representative (NTR): The NTR will monitor the performance to ensure compliance with the
contract requirements and timely submission of the work required. The NTR is responsible for the day-to-day
administration of the project. The NTR may not take any action, either directly or indirectly, that could result in
a change in the pricing, quantity, place of performance, delivery schedule, or any other terms and conditions of
the contract (or delivery order). Whenever there is the potential that discussions may impact areas such as
described above, the COTR and the Contracting Officer shall be contacted for guidance.
The NTR is usually referred to as the AIC/EIC for a project.
Officer in Charge of Construction (OICC): The Commanding Officer of EFA CHES.

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