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The A/E shall provide the Government with two copies of the entire electronic drawing files. In
general, files should be copied and remain in their natural format. Do not compress the files.
Acceptable media types are CD-ROMs, 100MB Zip disks (Zip drive) and 1 GB Jaz cartridges
(Jaz drive). The electronic drawing files shall meet the requirements set forth in the EFA
Chesapeake standard "Requirements for Computer Generated Submittals".
A bond original of the completed project specifications, signed by the preparer of the
Copies of the project specifications. See Section 5 of this Guide
Two copies of SPECSINTACT reports and two sets of floppy disks containing project back-up
files for SPECSINTACT, and two set of floppy disks of the "Submittals Database" program. See
Section 5 of this Guide.
Final cost estimate. Submit two copies plus a copy of all estimate input on electronic media.
Calculations, if any changes have been made since the 100% Submission.
3.7.3 Procedures
The A/E shall deliver to the AIC/EIC the documents indicated in the "Contract Submission Requirements List".
Design/Build/Bridging (D/B/B) Submission
A submission of project documents considered complete and biddable for a design-build procurement. See also
D/B/B definition in Section 1.3. D/B/B is only one form of Design/Build used at EFA CHES. Verify with the
AIC/EIC before the fee negotiation which method of Design/Build is required and to what extent are the design
documents to be completed.
3.8.1 Objective
To provide the Government with design documents that are technically complete as defined below, in proper
format, biddable, adequate in documentation, coordinated between all disciplines, approved by all stakeholders,
and adhering to the project scope.
3.8.2 Contents
Scope of Design Documentation
A Design/Build/Bridging document is a partially completed design, whose level of completion varies per
architectural and engineering discipline, but whose design overall is sufficiently defined to ensure a biddable
document that satisfies the customer and EFA requirements.
Civil/Site work: Design shall be sufficiently complete to allow state or District of Columbia
approval for storm water management and erosion and sediment control plans. Typically, this
means that the existing conditions, existing grading, site layout (including underground utility
layout), final grading (including storm water management), erosion and sediment control, and
details, notes, and specifications associated with grading, storm water management, erosion, and

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