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sediment control, and soil stabilization are brought to 100% completion. Other details, utility
profiles, road profiles, etc. need not be brought to 100% completion. Those drawings That are
complete shall be signed and sealed.
Architecture: Design shall be sufficiently developed to ensure functional approval by the
customer and, if applicable, approvals by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA), the National
Capital Planning Commission ( NCPC), and other approving bodies. Typically, this means
architectural design is brought to about 50 percent completion. Plans, elevations, building
sections, signage and finishes shall be defined to a high level of detail. Public spaces in particular
shall be accurately detailed. Architectural systems shall be defined but not necessarily detailed.
Examples of these include roof, ceiling and wall systems.
Structural/Foundations: Design shall be sufficiently developed to ensure compatibility with the
architecture. A concept level design shall be provided with approximate member sizing.
Performance criteria (including selection of values for the various criteria parameters to be used
by the contractor in the derivation of snow, wind and seismic loads) and relevant codes shall be
specified for the contractor's detailed design of the structural and foundation systems. Depending
on the nature of the design, drawings may or may not be required.
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEP & FP): The design shall be
sufficiently developed to define the facility's engineering systems serving the facility. The
performance criteria, and the design parameters stipulated in the RFP, shall broadly define the
engineering systems. The minimum cooling and heating requirements and the equipment
capacities shall be specified in the RFP. The major electrical and mechanical equipment shall have
specific sizes and be located on the drawings by single line diagrams. Fire protection equipment
shall be indicated on single line riser diagrams. The backup data for the equipment shall be shown
in the form of schematic and riser diagrams and the sequence of operation. The distribution
systems and the locations of the terminal units shall not be shown but dictated by the performance
criteria. Components and distribution systems may be sized where appropriate. The intent of the
RFP can be enhanced through appropriate details, layouts, and graphics generally shown as 8 "
x 11" plates or full size drawings. Overall, the level of detail and completion of the design for the
MEP & FP systems shall be analogous to a 35% or design development submittal. The specific
needs of the project may require certain systems (such as HVAC controls) to be taken to a higher
level of design.
Geotechnical: Geotechnical data from the Geotechnical Report will be included in either the
drawings or the specification when applicable.
3.8.3 Draft Design/Build/Bridging Submission
A completed D/B/B package considered by the Government as biddable documents ready for advertisement. Contents
Project Drawings
Project Specifications
Cost Estimate using Success. Refer to Section 6, "Cost Estimates"
SPECSINTACT Format submittal status log
Final architectural finish boards

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